▼GO TO MARS (Game images)


Throw the rocket into the direction of the central part of the circular target to have the highest score by earning the maximum points, have all stages cleared and get your rocket to Mars !


◀︎ How to play ▶︎ 

⚫︎ When you tap and flick on the rocket, it enables the rocket to fly .

⚫︎ When you swipe your finger more rapidly, this will allow the rocket to travel a longer distance.



◀︎ Rules ▶︎

⚫︎ You can throw the rocket up to 5 times.

⚫︎ The closest the rocket goes to the centre of the circular target, the highest point you will collect.

⚫︎ Each stage of the game is divided into 3 sectors scoring from 1 to 3 points, the first (1 point) outer sector, the second sector (2 points) and the central part (3 points).

⚫︎ The one who collects the highest score wins the game.


◀︎ Compatibility ▶︎

⚫︎ Requires iOS 7 or later.


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